The Plunge

Description: Three layer cake in your choice of flavour/filling, buttercream frosting covered in fondant exterior, decoration as shown.

Options: Colour of accent daisies and fondant background.

  • 6″ – $75.00
  • 8″ – $95.00
  • 10″ – $115.00
  • 12″ – $135.00
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The Classic

Description: Three layer cake in your choice of flavour/filling, buttercream frosting covered in fondant exterior. Roses not included. Client must bring in own ribbon.

Options: Colour of fondant.

  • 6″ – $45.00
  • 8″ – $60.00
  • 10″ – $75.00
  • 12″ – $90.00
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The Quinn E

Description: Cake Desing E. Three layer cake in your choice of flavour/filling, and buttercream exterior. Decoration as shown.

Options: Optional message. Custom coloured vanilla buttercream additional $7.50.

  • 6″ – $33.00
  • 8″ – $45.00
  • 10″ – $60.00
  • 12″ – $78.00
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Cake Gallery FAQ

Q: How long in advance should I order my cake?

A: We have limited availability, so please contact the bakery as soon as you know you need it! The more lead time you provide, the more likely it is that we will be able to accommmodate your request. We will be happy to fill your order provided design complexity and time constraints allow. Please note that we do book up VERY quickly, especially for weekend orders, and operate on a first-come/first-served basis.

Q: What size cake should I get?

A: These are suggested cake serving numbers only.

Size Shape Serving
6 inch Round 10
8 inch Round 20
10 inch Round 35
12 inch Round 50
6 inch Square 15
8 inch Square 25
10 inch Square 45
12 inch Square 65
11″x15″ inch Slab 50
n/a Cross 15

Q: What flavours can I get?

A: Please choose a cake flavour and inside frosting flavour. The outer covering for the cake may be buttercream or fondant depending on the cake design you choose. Please discuss the outer covering for your cake with a baker.

Cake Flavour

  • Chocolate buttermilk
  • Chocolate buttermilk with chocolate chips
  • Chocolate mint
  • Chocolate orange
  • Chocolate Oreo
  • Lemon
  • Maple cinnamon
  • Red Velvet (only in 6″ round, cream cheese frosting is highly recommended)
  • Vanilla buttermilk
  • Vanilla bean buttermilk
  • Vanilla buttermilk with chocolate chips
  • Vanilla buttermilk with cranberries and white chocolate (only in 6″-10″ rounds)

Frosting Flavour

  • Banana cream cheese
  • Cinnamon cream cheese
  • Chocolate buttercream
  • Coconut cream cheese
  • Lemon buttercream
  • Light blue vanilla buttercream
  • Maple buttercream
  • Mint buttercream
  • Orange cream cheese
  • Oreo buttercream
  • Raspberry buttercream
  • Strawberry buttercream
  • Vanilla bean buttercream
  • Vanilla buttercream
  • Vanilla cream cheese

Q: Can I make any changes to the cakes in the Cake Gallery?

A: Any options to change elements of a cake design in the cake gallery are stated with the cake design. If the change you would like is not listed, it then becomes a custom cake.

Q: What should I do if I would like a custom cake made for me?

A: Designs not included in our Cake Gallery are considered custom designs. Custom cakes, regardless of size, start at $175.00. Please call or visit the bakery and speak to one of our decorators. Please note that bakers and decorators are usually finished their work day between 11am and 2pm. Visiting one of our decorators in person is the best way to plan your custom cake. You are encouraged to bring with you any examples of designs you like and/or colour swatches.

Q: What should I do if I have to cancel my cake order?

A: Please find below our cake cancellation policy.

  • Day of or day before date of pick up – 0% Refund
  • Two days before date of pick up – 50% Refund
  • Three days before date of pick up – 100% Refund